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Increase your sales by 30% Just by adding B-12 Energy.

$99 for 4 -- 33 oz high energy concentrate 

Note: (At $2 a shot  thats $66 a bottle $41profit per bottle)


8 7 7 - 7 0 6 - C O R N   ( 2 6 7 6 )

Kettle Corn Machine is the world leader in the innovation and production of Kettle Corn Machines and Lemon Shaker Vending Equipment

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B-12 Energy Blaster

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Lemozeen $4,999.99 4 Shakers a minute $1200 a hour

PRICE: $5,999 Special: $3,999

Designed For High Volume Production - Turn a $2,000 day into an $8,000 day!


Package Includes:

  • 1 Aluminum Cart with sides and extended wings and doors
  • 1 Lemon Shaker Press  Additional Lemon Press availible For $399 (as seen in Video)  (Runs On Compressed Air No Compressor Needed)
  • 1 Lemon Slicer
  • 1 sugar 1 lemon 1 ice & 1 strawberry bin
  • 5 lemon shakers
  • 1 ice 1 sugar 1 strawberry scoop
  • 2 Water outlets hook up to local water source or bring your own
  • HIgh Output Water Pump 12 volt pump will run for days
  • Super High output Pumps Available Cart will hold 10-12 5 gallon jugs

This is the ultimate Cash Machine!  We can produce 2 Lemon Shakers every 20 seconds.  That’s 6 every minute that’s $1,420 a hour!!!! At Washougal we did 2,000 in one day (Saturday From 10:30 am to 4:30pm) that’s 400 Lemon Shakers a Hour or around 6.7 Lemon shakers a Minute!!! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! WHEN YOU UNDERSTAND THIS IS YOUR INCOME AND PROFIT WILL INCREASE 4 TO 6 TIMES!!  Most people are happy with making $2,000 in a day or selling 400 shakers in 8 hours.(and that’s not bad in fact that’s incredible, but what if I told you were leaving $8000 + on the table for some other vender to take?) First off, how do I know this?? We are Venders just like you! And we just happen to build vending equipment!! Every time we go out and do events we push our products to the Limit!!  Auto companies like Ferrari and Mercedes do the same thing they call it F-1 Racing!!!  If things need changing we do it! Not next year. The next machine. We started Noticing that after our line reached about 20 -30 people the customers that wanted to give our company MONEY went to another vender!!! ~We knew we were losing Business.. How Much business?? Well at one event we figured it is about $8,000 a day

No Electricity Needed.. With This Compressed Air Bottle you can do 5,000 Lemon Shakers Before you need a air refill Your cost for a refill is under $99

Fully Portable - No ELectricity Needed

This is designed for high volume, 1-6 people can work this machine and can produce a lemon shaker every 15 seconds

Things You Will Need

Air compressor  or compressed air SEE PIcture (120 psi recommended)

Water source.. Most events have water you can tap into, simply run a hose and your in business or suck the water from jugs  (we have done this with great success)

Lemon Shaker  B-12 "Give Yourself A HALO" Increase Sales 33%

"Forget about wings... I'll take a Halo"
-Greg Sweet

  1. People need B-12 nearly 50% are deficient 
  2. B-12 makes you smile, and promote good living
  3. People expect suger free (sweetened with sucralose)

Lemon shaker B-12 has it all! 1 shot is the perfect amount for sweetness and energy!

1 shot = 5 hour energy 

Energy Drinks Are Huge

Now you can add this all Natural vitamin B High Energy Drink Mix to your Lemon Shakers!

The Lemon Shaker Becomes A b-12 Lemon BlasterGive Your Customers What they want,  A high energy hand made super drink.   0 sugar,0 Carbs, B-3 -100% B-5 -100% B-6 100% B-12 4900%Increase your profits, Cost is .25 per 1/2 oz shot, we charge a extra $1.00 to $2.00 per shot 

$.75 profit X 1000 = a extra $750  Extra remember this is just a add on to the already extremely profitable Lemon shaker! its a way you can offer Sugar free & advertise HIGH ENERGY DRINK  and capture some of that energy drink market !

Product Highlights
Blast Premium Energy Mixers—the revolution in mixers for bars, clubs, restaurants, coffee and smoothie shops, sno-cone stands and any other beverage retailer looking to mix up exciting, energy boosted drinks.

The greatest benefit ofLemon Shaker B-12 Premium Energy Mixers? They aren’t the sugar-laden spike-and-crash energy of the other popular energy drinks. Blast Premium Mixers use a no-sugar, no-carb, low-calorie blend that packs a powerful punch of B-vitamins and a unique blend of amino acids and herbs.

These Mixers offer three great-tasting flavors, Classic, Cranberry Grape and Electric Lemon. No more settling for bad-tasting, high-sugar, high-calorie energy options. Now you can offer up Blast Premium Energy Mixers. 

Lemon Shaker Deluxe Pictures
Sweets Gold Anodized Press & Slicer Stand Combo $799.99
All New Lemon Press
"Hi Greg: Well we did it. We went to two Farmer's Markets this last weekend. It went better than we expected..."
-Judy Odell
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