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Kettle Corn Machine is the world leader in the innovation and production of Kettle Corn Machines and Lemon Shaker Vending Equipment

Li'l Slugger Machine


Package Includes:

✓ Stainless Steel Bowl (Non Cracking)
✓ Wild Cheetah* High Output Burner Kit
✓ Pilot Light
 48 inch WoodPaddle
 Dump Bin
✓ Dimensions: Height: 38" /  Width: 30″ / Depth: 30″

Can’t decide on a machine A-1 Master or Mad Max? We take trade-ins on all our machines. Start off small and grow!

All you need is a propane tank and all of the required product & you’re popping!

*includes a 10 foot hose

A-1 Sweet Machine

Now hot and Ready and In Stock 

Package Includes:

✓ Stainless Steel Bowl (Non Cracking)
✓ Wild Cheetah* High Output Burner Kit
✓ Pilot Light
✓ 48 inch WoodPaddle
✓ Dump Bin
✓ Dimensions: Height: 38" /  Width: 30″ / Depth: 34″

No other 80qt machine pops as fast or as much!!

Master Series Machine

Package Includes:

✓ Master Series Machine w/ Stainless Steel Bowl (Large 10 Cups (raw) Corn.)
✓ High Performance Stainless Steel Sifting/Cooling Table
✓ 48 Inch Wood Paddle
✓ ✓ Measures- 2-cup & 4 Cup
✓ ✓ 64oz Bagging Scoops
✓ 24oz Ladle
✓ Salt Shaker
✓ ✓ ✓ Catch Bins
✓ Unlimited Support
✓ Dimensions: Height: 41" / Width: 36" / Depth: 58"





Package includes :

  Mad Max Monster Machine

Popcorn scoops


✓  4 cup popcorn scoop

 2 cup Sugar scoop

✓  Salt shaker

  5 Gallon oil pot & 24oz ladle     

Features and Benefits:

Lightest full production machine on market; weighs 275 lbs

Pack of Wild Cheetah's UL Listed Burner 1,200,000 BTU Pops In 60 Second

Extended Front legs = Machine won't tip over*

Insulated Poppers Side = Safety from Common Burns (no other 260 has this)

Huge vented Side = Cooler Operating Temp

Aluminum frame w/ aluminum sides = Much stronger than common tin box design

1/4 inch Plate Top

Ultra heavy duty

Easy to wipe clean

Won't peal or rust

Perfectly balanced top w/ internal control arm and spring

Ultra heavy gauge spun Stainless steel 320qt bowl

Easy to pop with less old maids

Huge oil pot with 24oz oil scoop for that perfect batch every time 

Four swivel locking casters for easy maneuverability

Super Easy to clean (Using a pressure washer on stainless steel won't cause chipping or rusting)**

Easy to light pilot system with UL listed needle valve

Pops > 4 bags (50lbs/each) of Raw Corn per Hour (RCH)

Produces over $2,000 with 5 people; 3 baggers, 1 popper, and 1 at register. WOW is that fun!

Spring assisted dump lid- unique only to KETTLE CORN MACHINE

Our spring assisted control arm design that actually assists you through the entire dump not just the first 6 inches

Pilot system has no thermo-couple and will not fail ever. (Thermo-couple Available if needed)

High Output Burner & Pilot System; Jets are hand made for maximum output; regulators are made in Italy and go up to 60 LBs/Sq-in. (PSI), same as avg tire pressure

An all aluminum  275lbs  –  good looking frame; easy to clean and will never rust!


*Potential for falling sideways, but not likely without significant leverage.

**Huge cleaning tip!!! Sprinkle baking powder on your machine before you pop and the oil won't stick.


"Hi Greg: Well we did it. We went to two Farmer's Markets this last weekend. It went better than we expected..."
-Judy Odell
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