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Kettle Corn Machine is the world leader in the innovation and production of Kettle Corn Machines and Lemon Shaker Vending Equipment
A1 Sweet Machine

$2399 SALE $1999

Ships w/in Continental US

Package Includes:

1 complete A-1 Sweet Machine, 80 quart stainless steel bowl (Non Cracking), Wild Cheetah high output burner kit including a 10 foot hose. (No other 80qt pops as fast or as much!)
1- Pilot Light
1- Paddle 48inch Wood
1- Dump Bin
Can’t decide on a machine A-1 Master or Mad Max ? We take trade-ins on all our machines. Start off small and grow!

All you need is a propane tank and all of the required product & you’re popping!

Dimensions: Length: 30″ / Width: 30″ / Height: 38"

Lemon Shaker Deluxe

$3,499 SALE: $2,499

>This is the latest model !! please let us Know if you need RT or LFT Flow 


  • 1 All aluminum cart
  • 1 Sink with 12v high output, self priming, built in pressure switch water pump (just in case you don't have water)
  • 1 Express Press & Slicer Combo w/ Gold Smasher Head
  • 3 bins- 1 sugar, 1 lemon, 1 ice
  • 5 lemon shakers
  • 1 ice, 1 sugar & 1 strawberry scoop
  • 1 Water outlet

Take your Lemon Shaker Business to a whole new Level! Speed is the key! We can do a lemon shaker with this Deluxe Lemon Shaker Cart every 20 seconds!!! NOTE: That's $12 a minute or $720 an hour!

This is designed for high volume, 1-3 people can work this machine, designed to fit in a 10x10 booth with a Kettle Corn Machine.

Dimensions: Length: 78" / Width: 17" / Height: 37"


$10,999 SALE $9,999

Package Includes:

  • 1- Lemon Shaker Deluxe Lemon bin, Sugar Bin, Lemon Slicer, 5 shaker cups, ice bin
  • 1- Master Series  Kettle Corn Machine paddle, oil pot & 24oz ladle
  • 1- Sifting & Cooling Table 3 catch bins, 2 popcorn scoops, salt shaker
  • 1- Front Table 4 drawers
  • 1- Rear Rack with Sink 3 18qt popcorn, sugar & caramel bins, 2 cup & 4 cup scoop
  • 1- Custom Tent with 4 Custom Sides Available in Red, Yellow and Black
  • Ultra fast set-up - roll it out and start popping!
  • Very user friendly - with a place for everything
  • This ultra light weight efficient system will help you increases production
  • Professional image will impress your customers, event promoters and health departments
  • Plenty of storage room for popcorn, oil, sugar and other miscellaneous supplies.
Kettle Corn Kitchen Package
Sifter Lazer Cut 304 - Stainless Steel

Table $1099 Shipping $99.99

Kettle Corn Bags
Lemon Smasher Cash

B-12 B-12 B-12   Click and go 

Kettle Corn Cash
Master Series 160qt Machine

Package Includes:

✓ Master Series Machine w/ Stainless Steel Bowl
✓ High Performance Stainless Steel Sifting/Cooling Table
✓ 48 Inch Wood Paddle
✓ ✓ Measures- 2-cup & 4 Cup
✓ ✓ 64oz Bagging Scoops
✓ 24oz Ladle
✓ Salt Shaker
✓ ✓ ✓ Catch Bins
✓ Unlimited Support
✓ Dimensions: Height: 41" / Width: 36" / Depth: 58"


*add All Terrain Wheels for $200

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